I am the goofy one that will make you feel comfortable as if your friend is behind the camera. Photography has been a passion of most of my life and for that reason, you'll never feel like these moments in your life are a business transaction. I strive to make you feel comfortable while having fun and creating memories. Whether it's your big day or a family session, I want to be there and support you!

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fun facts about me

Addicted to coffee
I can eat pizza and tacos daily 
I laugh at my own jokes
Travel Obsessed

City Born Country Living

I was born and raised in Las Vegas where my love for photography began. Though I dreamed of becoming a photographer, my family had other ideas for my success. I grew up with a deep-rooted belief that photography wasn't worthy of pursing a career. Naturally, it made me want it more. I captured breathtaking landscapes of the Red Rocks, along with the beauty and cruelty of the warm desert sun. I spent endless hours photographing landscapes, and it filled my heart to be doing what I loved.  

Enough about me, let's talk about you!

In 2012, I made the life-changing decision and moved to the East Coast. With my camera in my hand, I landed in the picturesque Shenandoah Mountains. A new chapter in my life begun, falling in love, getting married, and becoming a mother to a wonderful boy. I will never give up capturing a breathtaking sunset, however, I much prefer capturing someone's most important moments in the sun; yours. 


~aka the girl with the purple hair.